Garden Designs: The Art Of Landscaping

A beautiful garden will always show how nice the house is. A lot of facets about garden designs that provide you knowledge when planning an aesthetically and functionally pleasing garden, you must call for garden and landscape designer Lisa Ellis. This expert garden designer will provide the required information to take for the garden project. Every garden will benefit from a good garden design. Design and planning are essential, whatever the expectations are.

The best garden design consultant

Being an expert garden design consultant, you will be asked if what do you want to your garden. Planning will be focusing on these needs, and it can create a personalized garden. Provide an ultimate guide on garden design and landscaping; absolute basics are needed. You might not agree on this, but most of the homeowners wish to have a garden. There are those homeowners who are not interested in the garden but decides to have it being landscaped. The fact that it adds beauty to the house also gives freshness. A lot of people long for a larger garden, but the problem is space. So, a professional garden designer helps to have a good and manageable larger or smaller garden. Many homeowners are making the best of their existing plots. They need to improve the garden space with the help of an expert.

Gardening and garden styles

Gardening is all about growing plants. However, the setting where people place, design, and style it, it is a single element to make it look appealing. A personal taste of the style of a garden varies. So, it might be you like the style of the garden, but the other people don’t like it. The real test of a good garden design matters on the result it appeals to you. Clients are assisted by a garden designer when creating a garden style and design according to their personality and taste. Good garden designers are full of inspiration, creativity, and imagination when doing a project. So, you will be shown with enthusiastic garden styles. The key factor of considering the level of interest when deciding on garden design and construction is to meet garden and landscape designer Lisa Ellis.

Does it cost you?

Clients must understand that getting a garden designer is costly if you don’t spend time looking for a low-price charge. But, when you search for a professional of gardening and landscaping designs, you can make it. It will never cost you much money because you are satisfied with how the project goes. When you engage in a design consultant who can explain the basic techniques, you will be informed. Some inspirational ideas are advised and suggested to you. Tastes in the garden vary in the preferences and interior design for art.

Services Offered by a Tree Surgeon

Taking care of the trees in your garden is not going to be easy. Trees add a touch of elegance to the outdoors and also provide much needed shade. If you have a spacious garden or a backyard, you should definitely consider growing some trees outside. There are a plethora of benefits that you get for growing trees on your property. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Provides shade
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to your property
  • Will keep your property cool
  • Adds as a barrier to harsh winds

However, taking care of the trees is not easy. There are a number of problems that might arise, and you may have to get in touch with an arborist and tree surgeon in Bristol. Here are some common services that they offer.

Proper Pruning and Trimming

One of the most common services that you will require from an arborist is proper tree trimming and pruning. If the branches start overgrowing, you will need to call an arborist to your place to trim the overgrown branches. This will keep your tree healthy and minimise the chances of problems as well.

Tree Removal

Similarly, if you have a tree on your property that needs to be removed, you can get in touch with the tree surgeons as well. Uprooting and removing a large tree isn’t easy; it’s recommended that you hire a professional arborist to handle the removals on your behalf. These are just a few common services that are provided by tree surgeons.



Garden Maintenance Solutions for Career Minded People

We all love to have a tidy and well-manicured garden, yet not all of us have the time it takes to keep the garden looking good, and if you are a person who spends a lot of time working, there are specialist companies that maintain people’s gardens.

Garden Maintenance Providers

If you are looking for garden renovation in Sidmouth, a Google search will reveal the whereabouts of a local landscape gardener who would be happy to add your home to their list of properties to maintain. Of course, their services can be tailored to the customer, plus the frequency of their visits is also up to you, and here are just a few of the tasks the garden maintenance company would carry out:

  • Cutting the grass
  • Pruning the trees
  • Weeding the flower beds
  • Trimming the hedges

Early Spring

As the cold winter leaves, this is the best time to start having your garden maintained, which should continue right through until the following winter is almost upon us, and the final visit of the year would prepare the trees and the flower beds for the season of hibernation.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly

Every outdoor space is unique and some gardens require more maintenance than others, and the garden maintenance company would be happy to work to your schedule, whatever that may be. If you are too busy to take on the garden maintenance, you can outsource this to a local company who will ensure that your garden is always looking its best.

3 Reasons to Add a Fence to Your Backyard

Although fences are still common in many backyards, some households have yet to add them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve an extensive piece of land or a small area, a fence still looks great and serves many purposes. Erecting a fence by yourself is a difficult project, you’ll need the right equipment and knowledge to ensure you install the feature without any issues. A better option when it comes to fencing is to call garden landscaping in Yateley and discuss your needs. Landscape gardeners are experts in backyard fencing, they’ll be able to give you great advice on a product that will suit your home. In addition to fencing, they also specialise in a range of other services, some of which include:

  • Gardening
  • Patios
  • Brickwork
  • Landscaping

If you are still debating whether to install a fence, think about these 3 key benefits.

  1. Visual Appeal

Fences add a sense of completion to your landscape, they make your backyard look neater and tidier. They are made from natural material which helps them to blend into their surroundings. You can choose from a wide variety of products and colours.

  1. Privacy

Erecting a fence around your backyard creates privacy. They are great if you have a pool or barbecue area and you don’t want nosy neighbours peering into your backyard when you host parties or family events.

  1. Increased Security

A good quality fence doesn’t just look good, it protects your property. You restrict access to outsiders when you erect a fence around your backyard. Fencing in a countryside home will help the security guards concentrate on only the protected perimeter. Their methods of security in such large spaces usually involves bearing guns like AK-47 rifles for complete security.

The Benefits of Hiring a Tree Service Company

The majority of homeowners are enthusiastic DIY-ers for regular tasks, maintenance and renovations. The idea is fantastic if you understand every aspect of improving your home. But when it comes to tree management, it could potentially be risky for you. DIY tree removal is not advisable and if tree service is needed, don’t risk it, hire a tree service company.

Trees provide your property with good ambience and enhance your views. At times you will have to remove dead or overgrown branches, get rid of the dying foliage, and even cut the entire tree when necessary. These services are performed by arborists and tree care experts like Al’s Tree Service. They will do an excellent job for your home and leave it looking neat. We have compiled a list to help you see the benefits of hiring a tree service company.


You need efficient tools to remove trees from your property. And even if you had the tools, tree removal requires skills to do the right job effectively. For safety’s sake, allow tree services like stump removal, trimming, and general maintenance to the professionals. The do-it-yourself idea may end up causing harm to yourself, family and your property..

Saves Time

When you hire a tree service company, they complete the work faster than when you would have done it alone. Professionals know the best methods to use and how to cover the shortest time possible. They have skills, and tree removal is a job they know how to deal with daily. 

Emergency Services

When you have trees near your house, anything may happen, especially during stormy weather. Trees may fall on your property or other trees and calling tree Service Company to clear them is a benefit to keep you safe. They may help to remove other branches and trim parts that have extra length. Tree service professionals can help to rehabilitate your landscape and leave the environment clean and safe for your family. Regardless of when the damage happened; they are available and ready to carry their work.

Complete Tree Removal

To uproot trees completely is not a simple exercise. Doing it alone may interfere with the right procedure and not remove all the roots part. Tree service providers can remove the trees marked for removal without leaving any trace and level that area to appear well-ordered. They have skills for tree removal services, and the work is perfect. 

Lawn Preservation

Cutting down ugly shrubs in your home is great, but the stump remains. Trying to remove tree stumps and other debris on your own plus you don’t have skills to do it the right way may leave your lawn in bad condition. To maintain your lawn and landscaping, you need professionals to architect the stump removal process and how to handle your yard without affecting it. 

Range of Services

Tree service companies offer many services apart from the usual tree removal and trimming. They are responsible for keeping your area clean and planning where to put the branches and the trunks. Nowadays, you will get professionals who clear and redesign your home to enhance the beauty of your home. 

Tree surveying and its role in our society

Every person in the world is aware that trees play a huge part in our flora and fauna thus, it is completely important to make sure that these trees are well taken care of that is why there are tree surveying being done regularly. There are a lot of reasons why tree surveys play an important role in both our society and the environment.

If you are planning to purchase a property that is covered by trees, and it has a natural habitat surrounding it with different species living in it, it is completely important to conduct a tree survey there before you purchase it.

This is because that the property you are planning to purchase is a habitat for protected or endangered species of animals or trees, so it is very important to conduct tree surveys from a tree surveyor which is being done by checking whether or not these trees that are living in the property that you are about to purchase will create a negative impact or not if it is uprooted like subsidence.

It has a similar development on land on which there are a lot of trees which is why surveys can provide you with valuable information on the trees’ condition and whether there are a lot of risks involving safety and health because of trees and animals that are affected.

It is not completely needed that only those who are searching for property and planning to develop it in the future should make tree surveys considering that people are constantly curious on how a tree grows and flourishes in his or her garden where they conduct their own survey by gathering information on the tree-like its species, and its age. A lot of people nowadays are become more aware of the importance of trees in our environment which is why they are obliged to take care of it properly.

For land developers and town planners, tree surveys are being conducted to ensure that the trees within the property or on its boundary have already met the safety and health requirements knowing that trees are very important part of an ecosystem, however, trees can also pose risk to humans and animal life which is why tree surveying is very important in gathering sufficient information to prevent any hazards which can potentially happen.

Tree surveys are being conducted by tree surveyors who are professional ecological and arboricultural consultants who provide important information to the local authorities, land developers, homeowners, architectures and designers, as well as environmental conservationists for many reasons.

Trees are just completely important knowing that it produces oxygen that people breath by converting carbon dioxide in the air. The more trees in the environment, the cleaner it is.

Tree Response for Reliable Tree Works and Consultancy

Tree Response is one of the best outlets you can patronize when looking for arborists in Melbourne and its environs.  The outlet provides top quality services and you will never regret patronizing this outlet. When searching for qualified arborists providing tree work & tree consultancy services, there is no better place to visit than Tree Response.   The consultancy services and the tree works provided by this outlet can be accessed all across the Greater Melbourne and Metropolitan Melbourne regions.

The outlet promises to always give you good value for money at all times.  The services provided here are personalized to meet the specific needs of the clients and the customer service is also top notch.  In this write-up, we will show you some of the unique features that make the outlet to stand out from the crowd.

Various services available here

If you need professional tree arborists in Melbourne, there is no better outlet to patronize than Tree Response.  The outlet is reliable for various tree services, including tree planting, root barrier installation, disease and pest management, cabling and bracing, tree and stump removals and even tree pruning.

Furthermore, the outlet can be trusted for arboricultural reports and consultancy services.  The services provided here can be accessed by all, be it for residential or commercial project.  Tree Response can provide pre-purchase inspections, as well as, Development Impact Assessment reports to all its clients.  If you need qualified arborists providing tree work & tree consultancy services, never think of any other outlet than Tree Response.  The outlet is your helpmate for Risk Assessment and Tree management Plans for that tree management project on your property, both commercial and residential.

Emergency services also available

Additionally, you can trust Tree Response for emergency tree works and the outlet will always deliver good value of money.  The outlet has several professionals in its employment, who have been working as tree arborists in Melbourne for several years. These professionals can make themselves available any time you need their services, even if it is on emergency.  So long as you are within the reach of the services provided by Tree Response, the professional can be knocking at your door just few minutes after you have contacted the company.  You can bet your last dime on it that you will get good value for money each time you patronize this outlet.

Great team in stand by

Tree Response offers one of the best customer services in the industry, which is one of the reasons you can trust this outlet when searching for qualified arborists providing tree work & tree consultancy services.  You can get in touch with the customer service agents via various means, including email, live chat ad even phone call. In fact, you can book an appointment with the professionals here through a phone call. The outlet is poised to provide personalized services to individual clients.  This outlet also places the safety of the general public above everything else in its activities.  The professionals will do everything within their power to ensure that your personal property does not get damaged by trees.

How Landscape Design Can Improve The Safety Of Your Property?

Landscaping at most of the well-managed facilities is really attractive. Textures, beautiful colors and a wide range of plant heights can delight the eyes of the visitors while bidding them a warm welcome. The benefits offered by good landscaping are plentiful. This article describes some of the ways how landscaping in Turramurra can improve the safety of your property.

  1. Directing pedestrian flow and safe traffic: Perfectly placed arbor-es, shrub lines along the walkways and other important features can make it clear for people from where they should enter your property. Besides, properly designed landscapes also offer clear lines of vision that are required for efficient and safe traffic and pedestrian movement. Apart from that, by planning the right landscape, it becomes possible to keep the properties free from thorn-bearing plants, low limbs, tripping hazards like irrigation heads, potholes or plant stumps and overgrown shrub beds.
  2. Managing run-off flows and drainage: Landscaped areas and lawns absorb and slow down the runoff naturally. But when storms hit, the properties can be deluged with rain, which can be hazardous for people. In this situation, good landscaping in Turramurra can be really helpful. A good landscape contractor helps to create good run-off and drainage options that can minimize all the hazards caused by muddy or wet drives and walks.
  3. Lighting up the night: With good outdoor lighting, it is possible to accentuate the focal points and design elements in the landscapes. But good lighting is also helpful for creating functional walkways, paths, and entrances.
  4. Decreasing the crime rate: Several studies point to the fact that landscapes with more trees have less crime. So, with proper landscaping design, it is actually possible to increase visual security in the areas where there is appropriate camera surveillance.
  5. Reducing fire hazard: Landscapes that are designed properly can offer fire breaks, drivable green spaces, and alternative water sources. All these things allow great access for emergency vehicles in case of a fire breakout.
  6. Creating waiting areas: People often look for spaces to get out of the sun during the summer days to take rest. So, decorating your property with tables, chairs, and benches in the shady areas in and around your property can be a vital part of landscaping in Turramurra.
  7. Keeping away people from certain areas: In case you have landscapes in your property from where you want to keep other people away like different ground level items such as telecom and electrical boxes or from the first-floor windows, you can use dense landscape in the place of fencing.


The basic principles of landscaping are to guide the development of your personal taste and style while encouraging you to have some latest ideas. So, if you are planning for new designs of landscaping or if you are planning to re-vision the existing landscape, choose the locations and landscapes that you enjoy. Besides, by using the right strategies and tools of landscaping, it is possible to plan, analyze and implement great landscape design in a better manner.

How to design a small garden

Planning a little greenhouse includes utilizing each centimeter of room, and utilizing visual traps to cause the patio nursery to appear to be bigger. The arrangement for a little patio nursery must be millimeter exact as there is no space for alteration if the arrangement is observed to be off base while building the greenhouse.

Numerous individuals think an arrangement isn’t fundamental when they are finishing an exceptionally little patio nursery, while without a doubt the inverse is valid. It is particularly essential to set up an arrangement where space is restricted to guarantee that the completed patio nursery meets the reasonable prerequisites and looks extraordinary as well. Setting up a nitty gritty garden design Perth will guarantee all the useful zones are the right size for their motivation and will fit into the greenhouse. A decent greenery enclosure configuration plan enables you to watch that the greenhouse will work before you approach finishing contractual workers and begin burning through cash. Some solid and steady 3-D visuals breath life into the patio nursery and help you perceive how the greenhouse will feel once it is built. The greenery enclosure model and visuals are the last watch that the spaces all work in amicability with each other guaranteeing that the patio nursery is an open to, loosening up space in which to invest energy.

When planning a little patio nursery a basic design with clean lines and solid geometric shapes works best. The plan ought not be excessively convoluted. On the off chance that bends are required a focal circle which can be either garden, planting, clearing or a way is superior to particular freehand bends.

In spite of the fact that it is enticing to downsize the greenery enclosure highlights to abstain from jumbling the space this will result in an obfuscate of immaterial components that does the accurate inverse. Counting a solitary intense structure like a stout pergola or a rendered blockwork divider around a seating territory makes a feeling of fenced in area, presents a dash of show and holds center inside the patio nursery. Finished completions like slate or rock cladding can be utilized on patio dividers to include intrigue and furthermore prevent the limits from getting to be domineering.

Wooden structures like pergolas and curves empower vertical planting and give stature. A vigorously planted pergola set against a limit divider obscures the edges of the greenhouse and recommends additional room past. Paint a dark square shape on the divider toward the finish of the pergola to propose a passage to another patio nursery territory past the divider to build the feeling of profundity in the greenhouse. Another very great approach to add stature and show to a patio nursery is to incorporate a tree. A well-picked tree will give prompt inner concentration to the patio nursery just as including a basic 3-D component. There are little trees reasonable for even the most modest greenery enclosure.

An entryway fixed to a divider or fence encompassed with climbing plants makes the fantasy that the patio nursery proceeds past the limits. A top notch trompe l’oeil entryway painted on a divider surrounded with evergreen planting and climbers is a basic, fun approach to include intrigue and give the presence of more space. Utilizing reducing measured pots, plants or statuary, or narrowing a way as it approaches the limit will make a bogus point of view that causes the greenery enclosure to appear to be bigger.

Level changes like advances, raised beds, or a raised pool give the patio nursery an additional measurement, cause it to seem all the more intriguing and occupy consideration far from the limits. Raised beds and holding dividers for pools can likewise twofold as seats in the event that they are somewhere in the range of 450mm and 600mm high. Making additional useable space in the patio nursery by presenting highlights that have a double reason it progressively useable just as increasingly appealing and this naturally gives the deception of more space.

Utilizing differentiating hues is another approach to recommend that the greenery enclosure reaches out past its genuine limits. A pale divider with an entryway measured square shape painted in a darker shading confined by certain climbers and planted pots resembles a path. Differentiating bloom and foliage hues are additionally compelling for making interest, differentiate, coordinating concentration and including the figment of additional profundity.

At the point when there isn’t much ground territory utilizing the vertical space gives increasingly visual enthusiasm without jumbling the patio nursery. A few different ways of doing this incorporate connecting grower to dividers, hanging containers and troughs from fence posts or mounting them along the highest point of fence boards.

In a little patio nursery is it basic to utilize a restricted plant palette – an excessive number of various plant species will cause the space to appear to be occupied and shut in. It is additionally imperative to utilize all accessible planting space. Climbers are an extraordinary method to present greenery without occupying significant room, and bushes like Garrya elliptica, Fatshedera lizeii and Itea illicifolia, Ceanothus and Rhamnus alaternus perform well when verified to a divider or fence. In patios where there are no outskirts place trellis boards in floor mounted troughs. Green dividers work amazingly well in little spaces. Sedum rooftops on sheds, canister stores, and other secured spaces are an extraordinary method to bring low-support planting into littler greenery enclosures.

A little patio nursery does not need to exhaust and featureless. With some cautious arranging and inventiveness littler spaces can make staggering greenery enclosures and great, low-support spots to de-stress and engage.

The Economic, Environmental, and Health Benefits Of Getting Your Garden Landscaped.

Homeowners tend to get caught up in just adding features to the inside of the house when they think about adding value to their homes. You want to increase your investment in your home by building an extension, or doing a loft conversion and while these are all good ideas, you need to remember that prospective buyers see the outside of the house before they even consider coming inside. This is your first opportunity to impress them and you do this by landscaping your garden and the other general areas around your home. Landscaping offers economic benefits, environmental benefits and health and wellness benefits.

First, you need to get some experienced landscapers in Weybridge to come in and do the landscaping and then you get to experience the above benefits.

  1. The economic benefits are numerous. A tree planted in the yard will help to reduce temperatures both inside and around the house. Shrubs and other plants act as windbreaks and can help keep your home warmer for longer. This all saves money.
  2. Plants and trees planted due to your landscaping capture carbon from the atmosphere. Typically, a 10-year-old tree will capture 48 pounds of carbon annually. Environmentally, you are doing the right thing.
  3. Once your garden is landscaped, you will be spending more time out there and this additional exercise is good for you both physically and mentally.

Landscaping your garden will be one of the smartest things that you will ever do for your home. There are many positives and lots of money saved.