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What Makes the Use of Air Conditioners So Important

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Under the law of meanness, the breakdown of the air conditioner happens at the most inopportune moment, when there is neither time nor money to go to the car service. In this case, you can look under the hood yourself. Often the reasons for the breakdown should be sought in the radiator of the car conditioner – we’ll start with it!

Causes of failure and how to eliminate them

The car air conditioner radiator is a device that passes liquid through its tubes and cools it. There is a radiator made of aluminum tubes, on which plates, so-called ribs, are soldered. The reasons for the failure of the car’s radiator may be different. Basically it is mechanical damage or untimely cleaning and care. All this leads to the appearance of various cracks in the structure of the radiator. These are easy breakages, which can be corrected with their own hands. The use of the air conditioning repair service is important here.

Repair can be useless only in the case when the radiator rusted – will help unless it’s a complete replacement.

To thoroughly inspect the device for breakdowns, before you start the repair, you need to remove the radiator of the car conditioner. Do this carefully so as not to damage his ribs. We advise you to carry out work in gloves, so as not to get hurt.

Quick ways to repair cracks

For minor damages or blockages, so-called internal repairs are used. The principle of operation in this case is quite simple – the removed radiator must be dried, after that, fill up the powder chemical (so-called sealant) and pour hot water. When interacting with the liquid, the powder swells and closes the cracks in the radiator.

In the application of this method there is a drawback – the elements of the powder, which are badly seized, can get into the system and hammer it. Most often this happens with cheap mixtures that can do more harm than help.

The second method is exterior repair. Perform it with cold welding or epoxy glue. The places of the radiator, which have a leak or damage, must be cleaned before carrying out the work, and only then the selected composition should be applied. This method is good in that it makes it possible to repair rather large cracks. In this case, a plate cut from the tinplate is put in place of the leak. This method is very effective and efficient, although it takes a little longer.

We work by welding – for severe cases

Another way to repair is to weld or solder the radiator. In general, argon welding or gas-dynamic spraying is used to perform such types of work. True, you will need to have skills in using such equipment, as well as filler material for the work. This material is selected depending on the metal with which the radiator of the autoconditioner is composed.