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2 Great Reasons To Choose EPDM Rubber Roofing For Your Home And Business.


It is always important to take care of your roof and never more so than for the roof of your business. Your roof is keeping your premises dry and also keeping your valuable stock dry also. Business could not go on if your roof was not strong enough and government health and safety experts would most likely tell you to shut down your business until your roofing issues are resolved.

It makes sense, therefore, to make sure that you put on the right roof for your building and choose a roof that is going to last you years with very little maintenance required. Many businesses have now opted for flat roofs due to their accessibility and also some business premises inherit the flat roof from the previous owner. This is when you need to be looking into the best rubber roofs in Bristol and here is why.

  1. EPDM rubber roofing is the perfect roof covering because it has great heat, ozone and weather protection and it is completely stable against UV rays. It will not crack, or split, or rot and it doesn’t allow moss or algae to form there. After many years on your roof, it will be still doing its job and standing up to the worst of the British weather.
  2. It is suitable for homes and businesses and it is available in a number of thicknesses and it is laid down in one whole piece. The benefits of this is that it has no joints, so no opportunities for leaks and the installation can be done very quickly and without the need to use a heat source to do it.

Opting to put an EPDM rubber roof is smart business because it will protect your premises for many years.