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4 Things To Know Before You Choose Your Fence


4 Things To Know Before You Choose Your Fence

Installing a fence is a great addition to your home, it gives you a sense of security, blocks the unwanted view, keeps the dogs in, and blocks chilly winds.  When deciding on the fence to install, there are many things you should consider. A fence isn’t just going to serve as a barrier for animals and people; it can also be an aesthetic feature in the home.  Before you head to the timber yard to purchase fencing posts, here are four things you need to know:

  • Know What You Need

There are reasons why you have decided to put up that timber fence, so you need to know what exactly you want.  A utilitarian fence to help you keep children and pets in the yard would require you to consider chain-link.  If you are looking for something that adds privacy and blocks noise, you can consider a wooden fence that is tall and solid.  Because you will install a fence for multiple reasons, you should know whether you solely go for a particular material or you have a mixture.  

For example, you can have a timber fence being installed on the front part of the home, while their backyard takes a chain-link fence to bar children and pets from accessing the area.

  • Get a Secure Fence

If you are going to deter intruders from climbing up the fence and gaining entry to your property, you should have a fence that is tall enough.  Look for a fence that lacks places to grip or one with a sturdy lockable gate. An ideal security fence installed using merbau or other wood needs to have a height of about 8 feet, but you can have some feet of trellis added to a 6-foot fence.  A fence without horizontal rails and flush boards on the outside helps keep intruders from climbing it.

  • Have Multiple Entrances

To ensure convenience and safety, you can have at least two entrances fitted in the timber fence.  One entrance should be large so that it can accommodate bulky items like lawn mowers or garbage cans that you could have them pushed through the fence.  You can use pergolas or stepping stones to guide people to know where the entrances are located.

  • Block Street View and Wind

If you have a home located within a busy street, you can bring some calmness in the backyard space by installing a fence.  A fence with some small gaps left between the boards can allow some light to get in. A layer of lush plants put on both sides can add onto the privacy.  If you want to shield the wind, you need to have a privacy fence with no gaps between the boards. It should also have a high height to ensure that wind is kept out of the seating area.

When installing a fence, make sure you hire professionals to fit it.  There are many things that you have to examine before you fit a fence including the local building codes, permits, property lines, underground utility lines, and the purpose of the fence.  Of course, a fence to keep children away from the pool may not be same as a fence to bar intruders from gaining entry to the home. The material you choose, for example, treated pine also goes a long way in determining how the fence rhymes with the existing structures and the level of curb appeal it brings to the surrounding.