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A Guide to Creating Stunning Garden Features


Now that the harsh British winter has waved goodbye, it is time to look at your outdoor living space. You might be happy with the garden, but there are always features you can add, and with that in mind, here are a few elegant garden add-ons to give your garden extra appeal.

  • Split-Level Rockery – A few yards of fine topsoil and a selection of rocks and stones are all that is needed to create a split-level rockery, and with experienced landscaping services in Yateley, you have the perfect team to carry out the work.
  • Water Fountains – There’s little that can beat an elegant water fountain in the centre of your garden, and with a stone sculpture and stone pathways leading to and from the fountain, the feature is complete. LED lighting will add some appeal, and with a closed loop, a small water pump is all you need to keep the water flowing.
  • Garden Pond – This could be anything from a standard fibreglass pond in one corner, to a multi-level pond with a miniature waterfall, and the landscape gardener can show you at least half a dozen designs, if not more. Exotic fish like Koi Carp will make for the perfect pond life, along with select water plants, and with a little concealed plumbing and some LED lighting, you have a water feature that brings a feeling of tranquillity.

If you would like to explore the many possibilities that outdoor features offer, talk to your local landscape gardener, who can help you to select the right features for your garden.