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Prolong your Roof’s Life with Roof Sealant


Your roof protects your property from the harsh elements, and like most things, it has a lifespan. It might be 25 years, or less, and in order to prolong the life of your roof, having it sealed is a wise investment. This would be a two stage process,

  1. Contact affordable roof cleaning services in Bordon– You need to have the roof power washed, which will remove all the dirt and grime that has built-up on the tiles over many years. Once the entire roof surface has been cleaned, the sealant will be able to form a strong bond with the substrate.
  1. Seal the Roof– You might be able to find a contractor who will clean the roof and seal it, but if you have to deal with two contractors, the roofer would have the know-how to seal your roof. The sealant is a form of resin that is elastic, allowing it to move when the roof expands and contracts, and it might be applied with a brush, or sprayed onto the roof. Once the seal is cured, the job is complete, and with a new layer of waterproof sealant, you will experience better insulation and are protected against leaks.

Most roofing contractors would issue a 10-year guarantee on their work, so you can expect to enjoy many years of trouble-free protection. Having your roof power washed every year is a good idea, and with sealant applied, your roof has a fresh layer of protection that is UV resistant.