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A Guide to Removing a Mature Tree in a Residential Area

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No one likes to cut down a mature tree, but in certain situations, particularly in a residential area, removing the tree is sometimes the only solution. Mature trees can weigh anything up to 60 tonnes, which does present an immediate danger to people and property, and species include:

  • Oak
  • Elm
  • Beech

Professional Advice

A large tree that needs to be removed is not something you should attempt to do, rather talk to an affordable tree surgeon in Bournemouth who can take a look and quite you for the removal. Fortunately, we now have stump grinding machines, so you won’t be left with an ugly stump, and that means you can use the land for something.

Precision Removal

It is not possible for the tree surgeon to fell such a tree with a single cut, which is only an option when the tree is not near any buildings, so he would select branches at the top of the tree, and with a team on the ground, each branch would be roped, and a crane would lower the limb to the ground, most likely onto a flat-bed truck.

Safety First

Prior to doing anything, the team would cone off the area, and those on the ground would busy themselves cutting up the brushwood as it arrives. There would be at least one person charged with ensuring that no one enters the area, and all personnel would be wearing protective clothing.

Mature trees that are nearing the end of their life can be very dangerous indeed, and should you have an old oak, elm or beech that is looking a little tired, call your local tree surgeon.