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Removal Tips: How to Deal with Beds


When it comes to getting yourself organised before you move, beds pose the most difficulty. They are bulky, awkward and heavy, which makes them difficult to move.

Clear the Bed

Before you start to move the bed, gather all the bedding and pack it away. Make sure you get some large bags to safely store pillows, bed covers and other items. Be sure to remove all the air from the bags to create additional space in the removal truck. If you need packing material, you can speak to expert removals in Maidstone about sourcing bags for your bedding.

An expert removals company can also supply other convenient moving items such as:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping paper
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Hangers
  • Robust bags & cartons

Secure the Mattress

This is the most difficult part of dealing with the bed, if you’ve a strong mattress, you’ll find it difficult to roll it and secure the item. You’ll need help when securing the mattress, so get assistance when you roll it into a cylinder shape. Use sturdy string to keep the mattress in place while you move it out of your property.


Once you’ve packed away the bedding and rolled the mattress, the last thing left to do is dismantle the bed frame. If you’ve a headboard, start by removing this and bring it to the removal truck. When dismantling the bed, it is imperative that you keep track of every part.

If you want to avoid all the hassle of packing, you can opt for a comprehensive package which includes a complete pack and move service.