Select The Best Christmas Village Accessories


Not only are Christmas villages a great and beautiful pastime, but they also make beautiful and valuable decorations for the home. Some people take their love for Christmas to a whole new level with the addition of Christmas villages, and if you plan to make that addition idea again, it will take more than a few houses to complete the villages!

My mother has always owned the most amazing villages. She usually bought at the efteling kersthuisjes because she has an amazing set of collectibles. Everything from kids and parents around the city Christmas tree to a beautiful train going to the station can be found through this souvenir business. In the house where I grew up, we had a large bay window overlooking the street where the village stayed all season. These are the Christmas memories that I treasure the most!

When the Christmas village begins, most people are looking for houses, buildings, and churches. Everything and anything can be found in these beautiful little villages. To accompany all the large objects in the village, there are also many accessories like trees, people, bridges, trains and more. If you search Google or Amazon, you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of great additions to your village.

Some of my favorite accessories are from the Norman Rockwell collections. One, in particular, is the appointment of the Christmas village gate. It has a classic brick gate, surrounded by trees covered in snow, stone, benches, and snowman and also has a postman and light pole. In just one small piece, you can make such a significant impact on your village.

Another favorite band of The efteling kersthuisjes is the Holiday Spirit prop set. It features five essential characters for the Christmas season: a hand-painted snowman, a beautiful angel blowing a golden horn, Santa Claus in his sleigh with reindeer, a toy soldier, and a work of “happy holidays” to be placed in the heart of the village. All of these characters add a bit of personality and integrity to the group!

Other accessories for your favorite Christmas village include The Roasted Marshmallow Collection, The Feathered Friends Collection, and The Daylight Sleigh Village. With so many options available to complete your village, it can be hard to narrow down what you choose! Personally, I like the idea of ​​adding very few different accessories as it creates unique dimensions and settings.

Finally, the tradition of a Christmas tree in a small village comes from Germany. It is not particularly evident how the culture initially took hold in Germany. Some of these German Christians were building pyramids for Christmas. These pyramids were made of wood and decorated with vegetables and candles if the wood was small.

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