Top Signs You Have a Pest Problem


Everyone knows the telltale signs of a mouse because they leave droppings everywhere. Other household pests aren’t so obvious until it’s too late. If you have a sneaking suspicion that something’s not right, here are four signs you might want to look for.

Something Smells Off

Nothing good comes from something that smells musty and if you notice this smell and it’s getting worse, it could be a sign of roaches. You might also find droppings that look like coffee grounds or see something run when you turn the light on. Cockroaches are a serious problem and you’ll need the help of Staten Island pest control to eradicate them for good.

There’s Scampering in the Walls

The first clue you have mice in your house may not be droppings. Often mice, or roof rats, will enter your home through the roof, especially if you have tree branches touching the house. You might hear a scampering in the walls arousing you from an otherwise peaceful slumber.

Your Mattress Has Stains

If you’ve noticed tiny stains on your mattress and have been bitten by something in the night, bed bugs could be the culprit. Other signs could be discarded shells or a strange herb-like smell. Call a professional exterminator immediately as bed bugs are almost impossible to get rid of without special treatments.

You Hear a Clicking Noise

When it’s quiet and you swear you hear a clicking sound coming from the walls, this can indicate termites! You might also see one fly by or have found a lot of insect wings in the area. With termites, you’ll need a professional to get rid of them.

You’ll Find Evidence

Sometimes when you have a pest, they don’t properly introduce themselves. Instead, you’ll find evidence throughout the house. At the first sign of any type of infestation, call an exterminator before it gets worse.

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